Sunday, 29 June 2014

On Kundalini

I sit and close my eyes. The mind wanders for a bit.

I remind myself, ‘drop away’.

Then it starts.

That now-familiar shaking from side to side at the bottom of my spine. It works its way up the spine and the movement seems to get bigger and bigger.

If I start to think, the shaking stops.

Also, I can stop it if I want to. (If I’m teaching or participating in a yoga class that’s usually what I do.)

But if I just want to meditate, I let it continue and finally my head is shaking rapidly turning side to side. There is also usually a lot of heat. Then usually after a little while that is enough and it stops.

There is blissful stillness for a while.

So who is doing the shaking?

Certainly it is not a conscious decision that ‘I’ make. In fact when it started almost a year ago, I felt the couch I was sitting on move before I realized the movement was coming from my body.

The state that it seems to take me to is that blissful meditation state. I arise from meditation feeling peaceful, connected and energized and everything is OK with the world. I find that dancing and chanting also can take me to that state of flow where everything seems in-sync. Out of the thinking-head-space I suppose.

Into the intimate experience of Union with the divine.

I don’t know anyone else personally who has kundalini experiences like this. 

Anyone care to share their kundalini or meditation experiences?

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  1. Sarasvati thank you for sharing your personal experience. Meditation is something that does not come easy to me. I try to switch off, but I either get uncomfortable, or a cramp or my head talk takes over. The shaking that you talk about, well I have night jumps and leg and arm jolts, Oh and the odd raw snore some quite violent - John says. But mine is due to muscle spasms. Sometimes when I am laying still and relaxing generally in the beginning of the class, I miss half of what you have said - hear "relax your toes, balls of your feet, instep.... then I hear ... "that's good, it's good to let go. Wha La that's it. So, do you think I've meditated or fallen asleep. I'd like to say meditated but I think its sleep. I'll keep trying to achieve the peace and tranquil mind that you speak of. Practice, and Patience. x

  2. Sharyn thank you for going to the trouble of making a comment here. I think you speak for many people when you say that meditation does not come easily ... it is the problem of having a human mind hehe! And you describe some common ways that the body seems to try and sabotage your attempts with distractions ... it is almost as though the body and mind do not want to be let go of. So yes what you describe is very normal and I think others may enjoy reading your share and knowing these are normal events. But then yes you describe going into a relaxed meditative state as you describe losing my voice in Shavasana. That is great!! :-) No it is not sleep. It might have a different quality about it than a sitting meditation, but still fantastic. Thanks again for sharing. Much love, Sarasvati